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On the Mark...Tea Party, Racism and Moving Forward Towards November by Mandy Morello

What a wild ride it has been over the last year and a half for this national movement called the Tea Party.  This awakening of the American Spirit, after decades of hibernation, has swept the country in a common goal of bringing constitutional leadership back to our country.   Citizens from all walks of life were able to peaceable come together, in some cases for the very first time, to protest a government that has strayed from their obligations to uphold our Constitution and Represent the Citizens of this country.

This Spirit grew as Americans watched the Speaker of the House state things like “We must pass this Bill to know what is in it” or inserted thousands of pages of Pork that has no relevance to Healthcare such as the implementation of small businesses filing a 1099 for all commutative expenditures over $600!
We have seen our Minority House Representative’s stand up with more fervor and strength to fight for Constitutional Liberties for the citizens of this country due to the fact that they finally have vocal reinforcements from the silent majority that can no longer stay silent.

This movement, called the Tea Party, which at first unified a nation in a way that has not been done in 234 years, is now being torn apart from the inside. Americans across the country viewed Glenn Becks, supposed, Tea Party “Unity” Show, where he brought together the “leaders” of the most popular Tea Party Groups.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Glenn, as did Michelle Bachman, sided with Self Proclaimed Leaders from groups like the  Tea Party Patriots, to slam fellow prominent Tea Party group and reason for the Tea Parties influence into Main Stream Media, the Tea Party Express. This episode of the “Glenn Beck Show” displayed for the country, that while people follow him around by his every word, he is still human and can be deceived by what can only be described as a popularity contest. 

Glenn did not do his homework on the Tea Party Patriots or else he would have easily been able to find “Tea Party Patriots” own dirty secrets which are far more damning than a distasteful satire about race which ended up being the topic of the show.  What America needed was to have their favorite spokesman throw all the skeletons out of the closet from all these groups, give them an even playing field and prove to America that all of these “leaders” have their own baggage and are no better than the other. Each of these leaders and organizations play a pivotal role collectively in order to reclaim America.

Not one of these groups would I consider as not promoting the fight for Constitutional Liberties through ways of their own specialties. However, like our own Government, maybe the leadership can no longer focus on the grassroots from which we started. No longer is the focus on the actual workers of each organization, but instead on  the National leaders that no longer pound the pavement because they are too busy flying all over the country for speaking engagements and media interviews.

I have had a close, personal involvement with both Tea Party Patriots (TPP) and Tea Party Express (TPE). Many in Sacramento, know the falling out I had with TPE and my work with TPP since the very first rally at the capitol on February 27, 2009.  I have since disassociated from TPP also and posted a note on my Facebook page for the reasons why.

I was recently made aware of some articles from a blogger in Nevada City, Ca who is blinded by the facade of the Tea Party Patriots  “National Co-Founder”  Mark Meckler. This blogger  posted outright lies about me regarding my role in Tea Party Patriots as well as comments he was given to feed to the public from the Meckler’s.

The personal vendetta’s that Mark Meckler instigates against anyone that will not blindly walk in lockstep to whatever he says, is more vile than anything that Mark Williams has ever said and more destructive to this movement than the Obama administration is to our country.   

The TPP is an “Issues Based Organization,” because of their non-profit status. However,  Mark and JennyBeth sit and preach that they are not here to "make people not think for themselves about candidates” or “just tell them who to vote for”...however, that is exactly what they are doing in the case of issues!  These self-proclaimed leaders have developed an attitude that is more elitist than any politician.

It is time to get back to Grassroots, refocus our efforts locally and reclaim our country from the ground up. 

That is why I have teamed up with Rodney Stanhope and Mark Williams to move past the childish destructive tactics in order to reset this movement back to the  unity that was claiming the hearts and minds of America.  This partnership is meant to send a message to America that we are all Americans, I can no sooner kick my neighbor out of his house because I do not like what he said, any more than Mark Williams should be chastised and vilified for his actions. 

While I find many of his comments distasteful and do not condone those sorts of messages, it is not my right to take away his Free Speech guaranteed by our First Amendment! After all The Tea Party is not to pick and choose one's interpretation of these Amendments to suit ones personal opinion.  Despite some of these outlandish actions from Mark, I know full well that he is not a racist and that he is fighting for the same cause I am...a more Constitutional Country to leave our future generations! 

I am not under the illusion that Mark will stop being Mark just because we are partners in this fight, nor do I take the blame,  have the right to apologize for his actions or have the authority to “kick him out” for any other reason than something that is illegal.       

The ability for the Liberal left to continue to slam the Tea Party with the Race Card could have been sidelined moving us towards a Conservative Tsunami at the Ballot Box this November. However, Mark Meckler and his personal vendetta towards Mark Williams came out denouncing Mark Williams and flexing his “political muscles” by demanding that candidates denounce the Tea Party Express and return all support from them. That to me does not sound like an Issue’s driven organizer! As a matter of fact, the Tea Party Principals are 1. Fiscal Responsibility 2. Strict adherence to the Constitution through limited Government and  3. Free Market.... what they do not focus on is Social Issues, however "Race" falls in the realm of Social Issues!

What Meckler should have done was continue the fight to on the side of Americans and not let the NAACP and ACLU sweep the New Black Panther Party’s own faux pas of saying they need to “kill all the Cracka’ Babies”  under the rug.  Where was the outrage for these truly racist people? You didn’t see it on Beck last Friday, instead you saw the pitchforks and witchhunts for one of their own.

It is time to move forward and take back our country by forming a stronger foundation, locally.  It is time to stop focusing on National Leadership and giving them the power to take our free choice away.  It is time for groups to work together and unite, each focusing on their own specialized set of skills. In my opinion, those four sitting around the Glenn Back table were  nowhere near as intimidating as the image of Americans that came together for the March on DC Sept 12, 2009.   It is time to unite for our Country and for our future Americans that can live in the land of the free, because of the brave.

To find out more about “Citizens for Constitutional Liberties” please visit, www.ccl4you.blogspot.com

Virginia & the ObamaCare Legal Challenge - WSJ.com

Virginia & the ObamaCare Legal Challenge - WSJ.com
Right On Virginia!!!!!! Thank You for leading the charge to represent all of us in America!!! Yo O'Messiah "We the People" will "Remember in November" FYI It's clled the Constitution Thank God Virginia Defends It!!!

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CA-SEN Update – Now Calbuzz is Whining? « Right On Daily Blog

CA-SEN Update – Now Calbuzz is Whining? « Right On Daily Blog

Thank You Aaron for your great write up about the hypocrisy from Boxer - Whah so let me get this straight Boxer is whining we are not nice about her ignoring "We The People" and failing to do her job!!!! Who would have guessed we would call her out on her failures!! Whoa not very nice of us!! lol